In love with its territory, the Tourist Office team has tested several sites and activities.
Catarina, Marlène, Evelyne and Nicolas take you on their adventures and share their favorite moment with you.
Discovery, sport, panorama, meetings... There will be something for all tastes and desires.
We hope you will like it!

The Secret Gardens seen by Catarina

“New to the region and an intern with the Tourist Office team, I had to visit one of the nuggets of the region : Secret Gardens.
An experience that challenges your five senses and immerses you in a peaceful and colorful world. Ideal for recharge back to nature after a long week.

Marlène on the mountain bike trails

“Leaving from Vaulx, I recently tested the mountain bike circuit “The Old Oven” with family. The top to warm up before summer! On the program: from beautiful paths wide and wooded and some climbs with the reward of magnificent views.
Perfect for taking a picnic and admiring the Clergeon, the Montagne des Princes, the Aravis Mont-Blanc, the Tournette or even the Semnoz. The route passes in front of the unmissable site of the Secret Gardens, an opportunity to stop…
Un great time cycled through our beautiful countryside of Rumilly-Albanais".

Magical sunset for Evelyne

"With the arrival of longer and milder days, I love to take advantage of the sunsets.
The Sapenay pass is ideal for that! I access it quickly and especially the view overlooking the lake is wonderful. I take the height, find myself at the calm and in contact with nature.
You feel instantly soothed! Add to that a delicious picnic and you have the recipe for my perfect evening ! "

Nicolas meets the lamas

“My daughters, Alice and Juliette, often talk to me about that famous afternoon at the Lamas of Salagine. After a short period of reciprocal adaptation, room for hugs and caresses.
A small Madame Lama toilet? Juliette takes out her brush and has a blast!
Their new friends, full of confidence, then lend themselves to the game of obstacle course. Laughter guaranteed! Finally, we all leave together for a little walk to the ponds of Crosagny, a magnificent protected natural site nearby.
One thing is certain, we will be back very soon to see Dominique and her kind lamas…”

And you, what is your favorite this spring?