An unusual and fun experience to discover camelids with Dominique Griot, passionate and exciting breeder!

Very easy to access (you just have to follow the llama's heads on the signs), the Lamas de Salagine farm is located in Bloye in a beautiful green area.

Welcomed by Dominique, the visit begins with a commented presentation of these enigmatic animals. We thus discover the history of llamas, their physical characteristics and their behavior. A small update is also made on the prejudices that we could have on them. And no, think again, llamas don't spit on humans! Except for our dear Captain Haddock!

After the theory, we join the llamas in their enclosure. The 12 camelids are magnificent and we immediately see the attachment and affection that Dominique shares with his animals. After the first moments of apprehension, we let ourselves be surprised by the softness of their fur and the intelligence of their gaze. They are real soft toys on legs! A moment of discovery and meeting which allows us to stroke and brush Balthus, Gandalf, Ezack, Askan and all the others.

We discover that each lama has its own character. Some people love hugs while others are more interested in sweets. To forge more links with them, the breeder suggests that each person take an obstacle course in pairs with the camelids held in tether (we do not climb on their backs). A unique and funny experience!

Then, Dominique guides the group for a walk around the Ponds of Crosagny. Natural site classified Natura 2000 Zone, we discover all the richness of the fauna and flora of this place in very good company.

When returning from the walk, you can also discover the farmer's production and cultivation of saffron. The tasting of saffron chocolates made by the Chocolaterie Artisanale des Bauges in Bellecombe-en-Bauges (exclusively for him) is a real treat for the taste buds!

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