Nansca: natural and organic cosmetics

Organic and natural body and face cosmetics with a very high concentration of Organic Raw Material. Family business Handcrafted manufacturing laboratory.
Discovery face care by appointment.

Our different products available:
* Organic Face Scrub "Aloe Vera Delight" in 50ml
* Organic Beauty Elixir "1001 Nights" with Prickly Pear and Argan in 30ml
* Organic Nourishing Body Balm "Calendula Velvet" 50ml
* "Precious Immortelle" Organic Revitalizing Face Cream with Immortelle Flowers in 30 and 50ml
* Organic Tonic Lotion "Fresh Aloe Vera" in 100ml
* Organic Nourishing Body Cream "Almond Whiteness" in 100ml and 200ml
* Organic Body Scrub "Shea Pleasure" in 125ml
* Organic Bi-Phased "Sweetness of Witch Hazel" make-up remover in 100ml
* Organic Protective Lip Balm "Confidences des Iles" in 15ml
* Protective Milk for Face and Body Organic "Soft Calendula" in 100ml
* Organic Gentle Face Cream "Calendula Tenderness" in 30 and 50ml
* Organic Illuminating Face Cream "Vanilla Sunshine" in 30 and 50ml
* Organic "Yuzu Charm" Nourishing Face Mask in 50ml
* Organic "Aloe Vera Delicacy" Moisturizing Face Mask 50 ml

> Product discovery treatments by appointment.
> Manufacturing workshop.



All year, every day.
By appointment.


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