Creator and lapidary, Christophe Macari works the stone (precious or not) to offer you a unique jewel. Jewels in stones & gems handmade in Haute-Savoie. Energies, zenitude, lithotherapy. Online sales only.

The stones... They are millions of years old, they are there, and will still be there long after us. Imagine all the energy they have accumulated during all this time...
I have the happiness, without being able to explain it, to feel all these energies, and my new life as a creator and lapidary gives me the chance to share with you all the benefits that stones, precious or not, bring us.
I propose to you, through my creations, to acquire these energies if you are sensitive to their vibrations, or just for their beauty.

Be aware that supermarket apples that are smooth, shiny and smooth are not my cup of tea... I prefer natural! This is why my stones are not necessarily in the standard dimensions, size or appearance. Flaws (which are not flaws) contribute to their natural beauty. Holes, cracks or other inclusions only contribute to their uniqueness, like fingerprints.
As you will have understood, I am not a jeweler, but just a creative user of stones, and a vector of well-being as far as I can.



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