The communication campaign See you in the ground (me)known is accompanied by a logo.

This logo was produced internally, by the collective of the 3 Tourist Offices, partners of this tourism revival campaign.

All together !

The success of this stimulus campaign also depends on you. We all have a role to play for it to be effective.

We invite you to make this logo your own for the months to come to support your own communication. The more visible it will be, the more effective it will be!
This logo is not intended to last over time. It needs to be quickly and widely disseminated, from now until the fall.

Download the logo in several color variations to adapt it to all your media
(click on the image, then right click “Save image as…”):

The TO team remains at your disposal to help you in the use of this logo (other formats, technical information…).

Find out more about the Rendez-vous en terre (me) known campaign