In Rumilly, beer has its festival this summer!
Binouze, booze, foam…
Whatever the name given to it, it would seem that this drink is the result of chance: a chance meeting between water and cereals, which would have given birth to the alcoholic drink the most sold in the world!

At Rumilly-Albanais, there is no exception to the rule. We love beer (in moderation of course) and especially when it's local and artisanal!

For our greatest pleasure, many craft brewers will come to show you their latest creations on Saturday July 22, 2023, from 16 p.m. to 23 p.m., on the occasion of our 5rd edition of the Beer Village (VDB for short).

See you at 16 p.m. on the Parvis du Quai des Arts in Rumilly for a great beer festival!

Beer Village – Rumilly

Discover the 8 brewers present:

Beer but not only!

In addition to the local beer, take advantage of the Artisanat & Terroir market! Numerous artists, artisans et local come especially to show you their know-how.

Accessories, decoration, jewellery, spirulina, chocolate… You can go in search of the best finds or simply stroll along the stalls, enjoying the mildness of the evening.

If the beer will be exclusively local, our street food will have flavors from here and elsewhere: diots, couscous, rougail sausages, merguez or marinated chicken sandwiches, fries or even aperitif boards! And when it comes to delicacies, you can fall for delicious homemade ice cream, pastries and other sweet treats.

A exceptional musical vintage, in partnership with the Rumilly Festival Committee, will punctuate the event!

  • DJ Maé will be on the decks from 16 p.m.
  • Matthew Gattuso will come with his guitar from 18 p.m.
  • With a style that modernizes the image of the accordion, Mikael Vigneau will set the mood from 20 p.m.
  • At 21:30 p.m., come and dance with the Donou sisters, a trio brimming with energy!

Good plan : of wooden games will also be available to you. Ideal for fun with family or friends! 

Find all the information on the page Facebook of the VDB