We present to you the new name official and the new logo of the tourist destination RUMILLY - ALBANESE.

Result of collaborative work with Community of Communes Rumilly Terre de Savoie, we wanted a modern logo, in line with our new brand platform, and highlighting the three levels of our geographic and strategic positioning (the “Rumilly” city-center, the “Albanian” historical geographic territory, the “Savoie Mont Blanc” hat brand). 

We hope that all local tourism players (and other sectors of activity) appropriate this new identity, and integrate it into their own communication (brochure, website, social networks, flyers, etc.). This is in order to become more efficient and, together, to be more efficient in meeting the challenges of tomorrow!

This identity, clearly and simply expressed, must become a common referent, valued and monitored by all local tourism stakeholders. And this in order to become more efficient in our actions to develop tourist attendance. 

Here are the elements that you can download and that will allow you to integrate the new logo into your communication materials:

The Tourist Office team is at your disposal to help you integrate the new brand identity into your own communication media.