Event organizers, the form below has been specially designed for you and your events!
Thanks to it, you will be able to communicate to us directly, and at any time of the year, your parties, demonstrations or events open to the general public and which are held in the 74150 territory.

Manual :

Give us as much information as possible! (You must at least fill in the items marked with an asterisk).
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Once validated by our team, your event will then be visible on our website, Agenda section within 24 to 48 hours!
Also on our dynamic display screens at Hyper U or at the Seb clearance store in Rumilly.
Thanks to this tool, you feed the Apidae database, which will allow you to have a wider distribution of your events. Indeed, your events can be traced back to several sites or digital projects.
In short, a single entry for you, and a free multi-broadcast of your events!

Additional info:

Your event must take place in one of the municipalities in our territory (postal code 74150). Otherwise, your event cannot be taken into account.
For any partner entity of the Tourist Office and whose event is held outside our territory (except 74150)> We invite you to communicate your information to your referent Tourist Office. He alone will be able to register your event on Apidae, an event which can then be relayed on our communication media.
If your event has a weekly, monthly or other recurrence (eg: markets), please specify it in the “comments” section, located at the end of the questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire only once, our team will take care of applying the recurrence.

If you encounter any difficulties entering your event, do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Office by email on contact@rumilly-tourisme.com or by phone at 04 50 64 58 32.