Coffee, cocoa and peanut producer, master roaster, master chocolatier, chocolate creator. Visit by appointment.

In April 2017, the formidable Camayos adventure was born.
It was born from a simple idea: to develop the Ayos village in Cameroon by promoting nature and the work of an entire village. We first started by reorganizing the cultivation of cocoa.
Objective: to master the entire chain from the plantations to the bar and create chocolates with a unique and genuine taste.

The adventure one year later continues with the production of coffee thanks to the small hands of the village who pick, shell, dry and sort the beans meticulously, in order to select the best.
Result: you enjoy a coffee of very high quality, roasted by craftsmen with respect for the product.

Because Camayos controls the harvest until importation into France, we can offer you products of very high quality with unique taste and at affordable prices for the greatest number, while paying the best price for the first link in the chain, namely: the planters and all the little hands of the village who work hard.
Do not hesitate to join our shop to have fun while making a solidarity and responsible purchase.


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