The company Thomas the Prince in Vallières-sur-Fier: a story of apples, pears and family!

30 years ago, Thomas Le Prince acquired 15 hectares of orchards in Vallières-sur-Fier, in the Albanian region. This is how it all began! Since then, the hectares have multiplied and around thirty employees have joined thefamily business. Indispensable for its apple and pear juices, the company is also the leading producer of fresh fruit in Savoie and Haute-Savoie !
Let it be said: the 22 IGP varieties of apples and pears from Thomas Le Prince are sold as far as Rungis!
Meeting with Marc Le Prince, who succeeded his father at the head of the company for 2 years.

Thomas Le Prince company in Vallières-sur-Fier

What is the brand's flagship product?

Le organic apple juice is a great success. For 15 years, we have been harvesting the fruits in traditional orchards meadow, originally planted to provide shade for herds of cows. Most often of heirloom varieties, these tall-stemmed trees provide a wide variety of flavors and colors. In addition to sheltering a rich biodiversity, they contribute to the diversity of Savoyard landscapes

Thomas Le Prince is not just about fruit juices ...

The heart of our activity remains the fresh fruit production, under the name PGI Savoy. To maintain control over quality, we also have our own processing workshop. We make there jams, compotes, coulis, nectars but also sparkling wines and ciders. Finally, we have developed a nursery, mainly focused on production of old varieties such as the Croison de Boussy apple tree. According to legend, the latter would have been brought back from Russia and introduced near Rumilly, by a soldier of Napoleon!

Orchards in bloom

In addition to the mandatory standards, you benefit from several labels. What are they ?

We see nature as a resource to be preserved and seek to act responsibly and ethically. The respect of environment and product quality are at the heart of our professional commitment. At the'IGP Savoie and organic label, is added recognition baby food for infant feeding. We are also approved by the brand Savoie Mont-Blanc Selection, which identifies and promotes local businesses engaged in a progress process.

What are your short-term prospects?

We hope to resume visits to orchards and workshops as soon as possible. We are also preparing the launch of a new range of nectars apricots and Williams pears, no water or added sugars. The secret of the recipe? A clever combination of fruit nectars and apple juice!

Direct sales store in Vallières-sur-Fier

Do you know how to recognize a Savoy apple for sure? Take a good look at his skin. You should see a slight pinkish tinge in it. This is a sign that the variety has been raised at altitude!

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Thanks to Marc Le Prince for answering our questions.