Annecy, Chamonix, Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains… And at the crossroads, RUMILLY-ALBANAIS, in the heart of SAVOIE MONT BLANC.
Perfect for meeting up, ideal for getting away from it all!

Rumilly, capital of the Albanian

Located halfway between the lakes of Annecy (Haute-Savoie) and Le Bourget (Savoie), the capital of the Albanian is ideally located in the heart of a triangle connecting Geneva, Chambéry and Lyon. Well served by the rail and road network, the city combines industrial dynamism and a calm and preserved environment.

Gateway city of the Bauges Massif Regional Natural Park since 2007, it has thus joined the network of gateway cities alongside Aix-les-Bains, Albertville, Chambéry, Ugine and Annecy.
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A little history…

The city seems to emerge in the 2nd century BC when a Roman colony (Romilia) was established. Its location is strategic, protected by the deep rivers of the Chéran and the Néphaz, giving it an important role in the Middle Ages, when a fortified castle was built by the Counts of Geneva. This was ceded in 1411 to the Counts of Savoy.

The city played a role of stronghold until 1630 when the dismantling of the castle and the fortifications deprived it of all strategic importance.

La Grenette de Rumilly, a former wheat market

Giraffes and stoves ...

World pan capital

In 1961, the first Téfal stove came out of the Rumillian workshops. Since then, more than 1,5 billion have been made! The Seb group employs nearly 2000 people at the Rumilly site. Proclaimed "the world capital of the stove", it is not for nothing that a giant stove thrones at the entrance of the city!

Sophie, the friend of the little ones

Created in 1961, Sophie la Girafe®, now known worldwide, is entirely made in Rumilly by the company Vulli. Did you know that as many Sophie are sold in France each year as there are births, or around 820?

But what is that sweet smell?

Do you smell that delicious smell of chocolate and cereals that pervades the city?
The famous Chocapic, Lion, Crunch are being manufactured at the Nestlé-CPF factory. Before them, in this same factory, the famous Lait Mont Blanc was made.

Many other SMEs complete the industrial landscape of Rumilly.

To discover all the facets of Rumilly, visit the City Museum. A permanent and a temporary exhibition will immerse you in our history, our culture and our heritage.
Our History, Rumilly Museum

A town in the countryside

What strikes the visitor is that from Rumilly, you can find yourself on the banks of the Cheran or in the middle of nature in a few seconds. Indeed, the city is surrounded by a green and hilly countryside, nestled between the Rhône and the Alps. Its leisure center with its two bodies of water is the ideal spot to unwind, recharge your batteries and have fun.
The 16 municipalities that surround the city-center to compose the administrative territory of the Community of Communes Rumilly Terre de Savoie, have a varied heritage and offer an ideal living environment for nature lovers.

  • Bloye : the town offers a landscape of plain and hills, from which flows the Boiran stream.
  • Bussy : on the banks of the Chéran, discover a charming village and traditional orchards.
  • Crempigny-Bonneguete : located in the north of the territory, at the foot of the Montagne des Princes.
  • Etercy : the village enjoys a privileged geographical location with splendid views, especially on the Montrottier castle.
  • Hauteville-sur-Fier : the town is crossed by the river Fier. You will discover a traditional heritage and beautiful (private) castles.
  • lornay : rural town located at the foot of Gros Foug. Several streams run through the town before flowing into the Fier. The town is also home to The Gardens of Lornay, the most important private collection of bamboo in the region.
  • Marcellaz-Albanian : located between Rumilly and Annecy, you will find several mountain bike circuits and a varied heritage (church, private castles, oratories).
    Don't miss the original and unusual Museum of Counterfeit Money. An unmissable and unforgettable visit!
  • Marigny-Saint-Marcel : in the direction of Alby-sur Chéran, you will discover a beautiful heritage, and see the magnificent Château Saint Marcel (the Medicee).
  • Massingy : located south of Rumilly, on the foothills of the Clergeon massif. You will discover many hiking trails and magnificent panoramic views of the Alps.
  • mean : beautiful strong houses and several hiking trails in the Clergeon.
  • Saint-Eusebe : a nice heritage, especially in the hamlet of Thusel.
  • Sales : beautiful views of the Albanian plain from its capital. Don't miss the pretty Coppet Bridge, one of the oldest stone bridges in Haute-Savoie.
  • Thusy : a varied heritage and a lime tree, located near the church, which dates from 1605.
  • Vallieres-sur-Fier : new municipality resulting from the merger, in 2019, of Vallières and Val-de-Fier. Take the magnificent Val-de-Fier (gorges) parade, 5 km long, which will take you to Seyssel and La Chautagne. Or climb the Montagne de Princes and admire the view from the Croix de Chavanne.
  • Vaulx : rural and hilly town home to the unmissable Secret Gardens. Several mountain biking and hiking trails cross the town.
  • Versonnex : traditional village located in the north of the territory, where you will discover its old farms, its hamlets and its vernacular heritage: ponds, bread ovens, crosses ...
Panorama from the Croix de Chavanne (and the ruins of the St André chapel)