Rumilly - Albanian, in Savoie Mont Blanc, it is also natural sites and grandiose views.

Here the nature extends its arms to you: mountains et plains green, rivers with spectacular gorges, orchards and bucolic landscapes...

Rumilly - Albanais is a territory with varied landscapes, punctuated by mountains with quiet curves and grandiose panoramas on the Alps. Between countryside and mountain, come and draw new energy.

You will be able to discover one of the natural sites the most remarkable in Savoy Mont Blanc, Ponds of Crosagny.
As for landscapes and viewpoints, the Albanian country is not left out: valleys, forests, rivers, gorges, view of the Mont Blanc and the surrounding Alpine massifs (Aravis, Bauges…).

The Tourist Office can provide you with information on the viewpoints accessible on foot or by car (Semnoz, Montagne des Princes, Croix de Chavanne, gorges and defile of Val de Fier, belvedere of Chambotte, Clergeon, etc.).

But better than great speeches, discover our most beautiful panoramas in pictures:

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Ponds of Crosagny


Val de Fier parade