Recently labeled Site Rivières Sauvages, the Chéran is one of the two rivers that run through Rumilly - Albanais. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Bauges, because of its remarkable character and the beauty of the landscapes it crosses, this alpine stream is suitable for many gentle leisure activities, one of which is rather unusual. Presentation !

Having its source in the Bauges massif, the Chéran is today one of the rare French wild rivers. Free from hydraulic works and beneficiary of a river contract from 1997 to 2008 which has largely restored its naturalness, under the authority of the SMIAC (Syndicat Mixte Interdépartemental d'Aménagement du Chéran), this mountain stream has exceptional heritage value.

Top fishing spot

About fifty kilometers long between its source and its confluence, the Fier, into which it flows at Rumilly, the Chéran is a true paradise for fishermen. Its fish-rich waters are home to superb wild trout, but also graylings, groupers or even sculpins, which can be teased with lures, toc, blow or even fly.

Adept at this latest fishing technique, Daniel Pasqualini is a fan of Chéran. “I am a contemplative fisherman, and the Chéran, one of the last French wild rivers, offers a rare and intense proximity to nature. Hooking fish has become secondary to me. What I like is enjoying the beauty of the river, watching a kingfisher at work, admiring the surrounding landscapes ”.

To discover the secrets of fishing in this incredibly rich aquatic environment, head to the Chéran Fishing School, which organizes advanced fishing courses for children, as well as guided trips by a fishing instructor-guide, who knows every corner of the stream and its fish-farming qualities.

The AAPPMA of the canton of Chatelard and the Albanian have created a small box detailing in the form of cards, the different fishing routes on the Chéran. Waterproof and easy to slip into the pocket, it is an essential tool for both amateur and expert fishermen!

These topo-sheets are on sale at the Rumilly - Albanais Tourist Office and at the Maison Pêche Nature.

In the shoes of a gold digger

It is not only in the American West that we meet gold diggers! Since the Romans, men have been practicing gold panning in the Chéran, where gold has been mined since the Middle Ages. This gold is also, with its 24 carats, one of the purest in the world!

Véronique Riondy and Anne-Laure Martin, both mountain guides, regularly organize trips to discover gold panning in the Fier, the second river that crosses the territory, and the Chéran. "This activity allows you to live in harmony with nature, to protect it and to get to know it better", they explain.

Gold panning is a fun and leisure activity here.

There is no risk of a gold rush because the metal is present in small amounts and it takes a lot of effort to get some glitter

To good hearers! The most gold-bearing corners of Chéran? Downstream from the Bange cave.

A network of hikes

The Cheran is an essential element of the Albanian. If it makes it possible to rally a whole network of hiking routes across the territory, it serves as a support for several major hikes such as the Apple circuit, a nod to the Albanian orchards, the Chaos du Chéran, trail in conjunction with the Bauges Geopark, or the wild Chéran interpretation trail, to discover this exceptional wetland.

Fun navigation

In spring, the Chéran is also suitable for white water sports. Classified in category 2 and 3, or even 4 in certain passages depending on the water level, the river can be descended by canoe-kayak and canoe-raft.

"The Chéran is a very pretty river, wild, with magnificent gorges that boats make it easier to discover", testifies Jérôme Ghidini, founder of Essaonia, a structure dedicated to whitewater sports, the only one that offers navigation on the Cheran.

"If this river were navigable all year round, it would be one of the highest places for whitewater sports in France", estimates the guide for whom the section of the lower Chéran, between Alby and Rumilly, is ideal for s '' introduce the family to this fun navigation. "It alternates between small rapids and quieter parts in beautiful limestone gorges where you can do a few jumps from the cliffs", describes Jérôme Ghidini, who reserves for more experienced rowers, the section further upstream of the river, more steep. and therefore more technical.

Warning: the river can be a very dangerous environment (depending on the water flow), canoeing on the Chéran must be supervised by an experienced professional.