Savoy Mont Blanc certainly has several
of the most beautiful lakes in France.
Le Lake Geneva, the most maritime, calls for travel.
Le Annecy lake, the most invigorating, reveals its purity.
Le Bourget lake, the most rejuvenating, reveals its wild nature.
Le Aiguebelette lake, the most confidential, offers its emerald reflections.

And we are lucky at home because we are a few kilometers from all these 4 lakes. Indeed, Rumilly-Albanais is certainly the ideal base camp to discover the 4 lakes of Savoie Mont Blanc.

Lake Annecy (20 minutes)

Lake Annecy collects superlatives. Often described as the most beautiful and purest lake in the Alps! It is also the most invigorating and athletes will be in paradise!

Immortalized by Paul Cézanne and William Turner, Lake Annecy attracts more than 2,5 million tourists each year. We come from afar to August 15th for its annual celebration. It is to the lake and to its canals running through its historic center that Annecy owes its nickname of Venice of the Alps. Some 40 kilometers of shores surround this alpine lake, alternating towns and villages, orchards and forest areas, as well as nature reserves, that of Bout-du-Lac and that of Roc de Chère, very popular with local residents.

In its clear waters, the Roc des Bœufs and the Semnoz, emblematic peaks of wallows, and on the other, Lanfon's teeth and Spin, ends of Massif des Bornes.

Of course, the bathing and nautical sports (water skiing, wakeboarding, diving, windsurfing ...) are among the site's essential activities. The commune of Sevrier is thus labeled France Station Nautique. But to discover Lake Annecy and its environment, nothing better than soft mobility. A 35 km greenway allows you to walk along the lake and admire its emerald reflections.

Bourget lake (20 minutes away)

20 minutes from Rumilly - Albanais, Lac du Bourget is one of the most popular destinations in the two Savoys. Lauded by many poets, the largest natural lake in France offers an exceptional setting for swimming, water sports, hiking or… lazing around!

With its 18 kilometers long, Lac du Bourget is a bit like the sea in the mountains. Protected by the Epine, Chambotte and Bauges massifs, its turquoise waters can reach 26 ° C in midsummer. What to compete with the waves of the Mediterranean!

From Rumilly, you only need 20 minutes of road to go diving in the big blue!
The lake counts ten beaches where to put your towel. Families are in favor of those which are the most accessible, supervised and equipped: play areas for the youngest, balloon fields for the older ones, water points, showers, toilets ...

Want a little junior cruise course commented or to tack from one bank to the other at the controls of a sailboat? Tease the trout fario or thechar tempt you? Lac du Bourget offers a wide range of leisure activities and water sports. The city of Aix-les-Bains is also labeled France Station Nautique. Generations of racers have trained on the calm waters of the lake, before going out to sea!

The latest fashionable board sports are also booming here. As the wakeboarding, who is at water skiing what snowboarding is to alpine skiing, or the stand-up paddle. Standing on this floating board, it's off for a magnificent hike vertically above the water, along the wild coast of Lac du Bourget or at the foot of theHautecombe Abbey.

Lauded by Rousseau, Balzac and Lamartine, Lac du Bourget is also an open door to escape on foot or by bike. Walkers and cyclists enjoy the many nature trails around or near the lake. In particular the pleasant Greenway connecting Aix-les-Bains to Bourget-du-Lac by the shore. More unusual and very popular with children, the trail along the water. This short walk of 2 km from the Grand Port, provides the incredible feeling of walking on water. The trick? Footbridges fitted out at the water's edge, from which young and old can marvelously observe the reed beds of the lake, the scene of incredible biodiversity.

But for the contemplative, it is in height that it is necessary to discover what Balzac called the “lost turquoise”. The best lookout? That of the Chambotte, at the border of the Rumilly - Albanian territory, from where the Bourget lake is revealed in its entirety, offering one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Alps.

Lake Aiguebelette (35 minutes away)

The meaning of the name weasel is "beautiful little waters". Indeed, the magnificent color Emerald green the lake gives it magical reflections. You will succumb to calm and serenity places.
This lake, forbidden to thermal engine boats, has remained very savage. The purity of its waters and the diversity of ecosystems make it a very popular place for fishermen and nature lovers.

Located at an altitude of 360m, Lac d'Aiguebelette is, as Henry Bordeaux wrote, an “emerald pearl set in a mountain setting”.

Aiguebelette is one of the warmest natural lakes in France; the water temperature reaching 28 ° C in summer! To preserve this natural site, the bathing is only allowed on supervised beaches.

The lake of Aiguebelette is also a Mecca ofrowing, with the presence of an international base. Moreover, the site hosted in 2015 the world championships.

This spot is also the ideal place for the practice of numerous outdoor activities :

  • 150 km of marked mountain bike trails
  • Many routes of Hiking around the lake
  • Cycling, including the magnificent Col de l'Épine.
  • Cycle path
  • Free flight (paragliding) with take-off area on the Épine.

Lake Geneva (55 minutes away)

Located at an altitude of 372 m, Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe, at 73 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide. A lake of glacial origin and a link between France and Switzerland, it is crossed by the Rhône from east to west.

From Rumilly - Albanais, after less than 1 hour by car, you will walk to Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva. This outing will also be the occasion for a Shopping.

On the French side, you will discover must-see sites:

  • Le medieval village of Yvoire, classified "Most Beautiful Villages of France".
    The gardens of the castle are home to a plant labyrinth, the Garden of the Five Senses.
  • Le Ripaille castle in Thonon-les-Bains, retracing the history of the first Duke of Savoy.
  • Evian, its thermal baths, its casino, and its famous golf course.

The shores of Lake Geneva are dotted with beaches. Take the opportunity to have a family picnic and take a dip!