The Bauges massif has been labeled a Regional Natural Park since 1995. Since 2011, it has obtained the UNESCO Global Geopark label.
Discover a preserved and authentic natural space, with its Baujue identity!

Straddling the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, the Massif des Bauges Geopark covers 856 km2. It is surrounded by Annecy to the North, Chambéry and Aix-les-Bains to the West and Albertville to the East.

The Regional Natural Cause of the Bauges massif has 67 municipalities.
Rumilly is one of 6 Gateway Cities of the Parc des Bauges, alongside Annecy, Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, Albertville and Ugine.

You will undoubtedly fall under the spell of this island of unspoiled nature where the landscape is divided into villages nestled between meadows and forests, surrounded by medium mountain peaks. Its highlight is the Arcalod at 2217 meters.

A mid-mountain islet

Nature is at home here: forests, meadows, summits, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, caves and chasms… Rare natural treasures, rich in preserved biodiversity.

And what connects us physically to this endearing massif is a river, the famous Chéran, one of the best preserved rivers in France. Besides, the Cheran recently obtained the “Wild Rivers” label.

Did you say geology?

Le Geopark Label Unesco is the worldwide recognition of a geological heritage
remarkable, and a work of animation and enhancement of this heritage.

The Geosites are spaces which make it possible to observe remarkable geological elements and phenomena.
Some sites are easily accessible to the general public. Others will require professional support. Find all the Geosites on the interactive map.

Here are some ideas for sites to explore:

  • Pissieu waterfall : discovery trail accessible to all starting from the Iles du Chéran leisure center. 
  • Pre-red : accessible from Lescheraines or Arith.
  • Sambuy : superb belvedere over Lake Annecy and the Mont-Blanc massif. Thematic trail on the forms of karst and mountain flora (accessible from Faverges).
  • The Creusates : 13-meter deep bog. Peat has been accumulating there for 12 years!
  • Gorges du Chéran & Pont de l'Abîme : the suspension bridge spans the 100-meter deep gorge dug by the Chéran, between Cusy and Gruffy. Beautiful point of view on the towers Saint Jacques.
  • Aillon-Margériaz caving-hike : the caving trail is equipped to allow you to visit the underground world in complete autonomy. A dive underground to discover galleries, cavities and surprising shapes resulting from the work of water on the rock.
  • Semnoz : a relief covered with green mountain pastures suitable for long walks to discover beautiful panoramas on the heart of the Bauges, Albanian or Annecy lake.
  • The Cross of Nivolet : overlooking Chambéry, a breathtaking view of Lake Bourget, the Belledonne and Mont-Blanc massifs. Easily accessible from La Féclaz (Le Sire).

Mountain gastronomy!

The diversity of the soil and the landscapes allow a great variety of soils.
Discover authentic cheeses, including the famous Tome des Bauges (PDO).
On the southern slopes of the massif, in Combe de Savoie, you will taste the wines of Savoie: mondeuse, jacquère, roussette, chignin ...

Also savor typical Baujus dishes, such as Matouille (made from potatoes and Tome des Bauges) and Rissole (or Rzoule).

Craftsmen all the time!

Strolling in the Bauges, it is also going to meet many craftsmen: potters, leather craftsmen, sculptors, ceramists, luthier, weaver of mohair wool ... These lovers of beautiful work, guarantors of exceptional know-how, work with passion and with respect for tradition
to revive or to create unique and characterful objects!