In the forest, in the plains, in the mountains or by a river ...
Our walking and hiking circuits will meet your desires for nature and great landscapes!

And if you feel the call of the high mountains, Rumilly-Albanais being at the gateway to the Alps, you will reach the most beautiful Alpine massifs very quickly.
So, to you the Bauges, the Aravis, the Beaufortain or the Mont Blanc!

Here are some ideas for tours

This information is given for information only. The Tourist Office cannot be held responsible for any malfunction on the hiking trails (markings, maintenance, etc.).

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MAPS 1950 / IGN
MAPS 1950 / IGN
CARD OF THE STAFF (1820-1866)
CARD OF THE STAFF (1820-1866)
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Cincle educational trail

100% nature trail in Rumilly!

Discovery walk of 1h30 allowing to rediscover the different natural environments crossed as well as the history of the sector.

Fun panels will punctuate your route.
Closed in the event of heavy rain, flooding or flooding.

Dogs on leash only.

Has narrow and slippery passages (small river crossings)

2 km
1h 30m
Very easy
Chéran footbridge leisure center 74150 Rumilly
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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Wild boar footpath

Hiking route in Mont Clergeon, mainly forest, allowing to discover certain geological curiosities like the great


Return by road to "Le Villard" for approximately

350 m. In front of the cross, take a path on the left

stony rising.

Arrived in a wooded lot, leave this wide path

stony and take a path that goes to the left. The

path becomes path and rises in uneven terrain.

After having crossed two barriers (to be closed because animals in

pasture), the path climbs into the increasingly dense forest.

Arrive at the directional post "Les 4 Chemins".

Continue straight on towards the Croix du Clergeon sur

20 m. Leave the main road to take a small right

path and reach, in less than 10 minutes, the RD231 road

at a place called "Les Ecules". Follow this road that goes up to

Col du Clergeon for 300 m and take the dirt road which

go right and cross an alp. Continue in the forest

up to the "Bois des Combes" post. Possible variant *

At the post "Bois des Combes" (shared route with

the circuit of La Gélinotte), take direction "La Grande

Tank ”. When you reach the "La Grande Cuve" post, turn right

and walk past the big tank. Continue the path until

place called "Les Tines". Take the right path. 20 m later

a first beacon, leave the stony path and take the

trail to the right. Continue to arrive on the RD231 road,

at the "Le Replat" post. Turn right and go 400 m on

this route.

Leave this road to take the path on the left which

descends through the woods. On this portion, follow the markings

directional to the "Les 4 Chemins" post. Take

straight on, to the south, direction "Le Villard (Parking by

Large Sides) ”. Then cross a thick thicket of boxwood, and

reach the post "Les Grands Côtés". Take a left in

direction of "Le Villard" to arrive at another junction

"In the footsteps of the donkey". Always follow the direction "The

Villard ”to arrive above the hamlet of Bessine then

at the starting point.

* Variant (+ 45 min. Round trip): Possibility

to join the Clergeon cross. At the post "Bois des

Combes ”, turn left towards“ Croix du Clergeon ”.

Arrived at the cross, return by the same route.

11 km
3h 10m
Chief town 74150 Moye
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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La Chapelle de Ligny footpath

Beautiful family walk with beautiful panoramas of the surrounding massifs that can be admired at the orientation table at the end of the route.

At the car park, take the road that goes down. At the 1st turn,

take the path heading south. 800 m further,

go up the stony path, and cross the hamlet of


At the second bend, take a right onto a path

Earth. Follow pastures and woods successively. Arrived in front of

a meadow, continue the path on the left. After a passage

on the edge of the forest, you come to a clear plateau.

Continue to a crossroads. Possible variant *

At the crossroads, turn right onto the path towards

from the hamlet of Perret Dessus (towards the D153A). Arrived at the

road, turn left to the hamlet of Perret Dessous

(be careful, stretch of road for about 600 m); and reach a


At the crossroads, notice a new cross on the right

mission stone. Take the rural road that rises on

left. Follow it until the crossroads on the

tray. Take the path to the right that goes down through

fields. Go around a grove and come out into a

meadow. Continue to reach a municipal road which

leads back to the Hauts du Perrou.

Follow the road to the Ligny chapel (or chapel

Notre Dame de la Délivrance), beautifully restored in

1996. Continue on the road to reach the starting point.

* Variant: At the crossroads, from the left, possibility

to shorten the circuit by half an hour by heading north.

5.5 km
1h 45m
Very easy
Chief town 74150 Massingy
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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The Albanian hills: loop n°1

Variant of the big loop of the Collines de l'Albanais, more accessible and

achievable in half a day. Alternate between forest and open spaces.
Discover various viewpoints (Albanais plain, Val-de-Fier, Alps, etc.)

and several heritage items (church, old mill, bread oven).

Difficult for its length, the hike does not present any technical difficulty.

3 starting points are recommended:

• Thusy: from Rumilly, take the direction of Vallières-sur-Fier, then the D910 in the direction of Frangy. In Versonnex, take the direction of Thusy. Park next to the church.

• Saint-Eusèbe: from Rumilly, take the direction of Vallières-sur-Fier; then

on the right the D14 in the direction of Saint-Eusèbe. Park next to the church (a place called Le Villard).

• Vaulx: from Rumilly, take the D3 towards Hauteville-sur-Fier; Then

RD14 direction Vaulx, then left the RD3. In the capital of Vaulx, park at

side of the church.

17 km
In the capital of Vaulx, park next to the church. 74150 Vaulx
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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Footpath the paths of Angely

Family course presenting no difficulty. It allows you to discover the local heritage and enjoy unobstructed views of the Albanian countryside and the Alps.

From the bakery, cross the village, pass

in front of the inn and, at the cross, take the road that goes up

to the left. Then take a stony path to the right.

Then turn left and, at the cross, take the RD44

towards Saint-Eusèbe. After 80 m, leave the RD44

and take the path towards the rural lodging. The path

then turn left to reach a plateau.

Continue straight ahead to enter the woods.

At the intersection, turn right. Then join the

road that leads to Frênes and turn right. Notice on

on the left a chapel and on the right a fortified house.

Continue straight for about 600 m. At the intersection,

to turn left. At the next intersection continue on

left. Then, beautiful view on the left over the Val de Fier.

At the fork, take the path that goes down to the right.

Get out of the woods. At the crossroads, turn right. Get to

Angely pass. Continue and at the crossroads, turn right into

direction of Biolley.

At the fork turn right to reach the Biolley.

Then turn left, cross the RD3 and continue all

right up to the chapel. At the chapel, turn right. After

having gone along a wood, turn right at the wastewater treatment plant.

Take the first left and reach the center of the village.

7.8 km
2h 20m
capital 74150 Vaulx
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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Ecureuil hiking trail

Beautiful family hike alternating forests and mountain pastures.

Discovery of beautiful panoramas on the Albanian side, and on the Savoy side (near the Sapenay pass).

From the car park, follow the road that climbs 130 m to

join the start of the trail.

At the "Pringy" post, turn left and go down the

rural road direction "Les Gallets". At the intersection with

the road, turn right to reach the hamlet "Les

Gallets ”. At the "Les Gallets" post, continue straight

on the path that runs through the fields, until the next one


At the beacon, turn right. Continue to reach

a new cross. Continue, to the right, in the path

going up towards the wood. Cross pastures then a wood of

hardwood. Walk along a large meadow then cross a forest to

reach a crossroads, "Les Tallopes" post

(Savoie markings). Variant*

At the crossroads, continue taking the path

line which rises northwards through a wood for 80 m to

reach the private forest road of Sapenay. Continue to

right on this paved road north-east to

start of a forest path on the right. “Gouffaz” post.

Take this path which enters the forest and descends.

At the crossroads with a stony path coming from the

left, continue to descend to the post "Les grands

sides ”. Turn right onto the stony forest road. We

quickly arrives at a new crossroads of 4 paths.

Post "Under the donkey's footsteps".

Follow direction "Pringy". After a few switchbacks,

reach the hamlet of "Pringy".

* Variant (+ 40 min round trip): At the crossroads, take

left direction "Col du Sapenay" on the tarmac road

which joins the RD54. When you arrive at the Sapenay pass, take

left the RD54 for 300 m to reach the take-off area

paragliding / hang-gliding. Very nice view of the

Chautagne and Lake Bourget. Return by the same route

to join the crossroads "Les Tallopes".

7.3 km
2h 5m
Place Pringy 74150 Massingy
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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Gélinotte hiking trail

Forest-dominated course that will allow you

to enjoy several interesting panoramas,

in particular at the cross of Clergeon. Many

curiosities dot the circuit: the Grande Cuve, the

remains of charcoal ovens from youth camps.

From the car park, take the forest road that goes up

the right (sign “Route forestière du Camp III”). The

continue for 600 m until the start of the trail. to commit

on the left towards the south direction "Croix du Clergeon". Pass

the remains of Camp III. The path passes under a line

electric then becomes a path and reaches a stony path.

Follow the directional signs to the "Les Tines" post.

Take a right towards "La grande cuve

site ”. Continue on the path to reach the post "La

large tank ”. Turn left towards the "Croix

du Clergeon ”. Attention, passage in Savoie markings. Continue.

At the sign "Bois des Combes" continue in the same

direction. We walk past a charcoal stove

(explanatory panel) then we arrive at the place called "Combe de

Virtue ”.

Always continue in the same direction to arrive

in the hamlet of Clergeon. Join the Clergeon cross in

30 minutes (presence of an orientation table). For the return,

go the other way to the directional post

"Combe de Vertu". To turn left. Pass a first post

"Mollard Gris", then arrive at the far post of the same name.

Turn right towards north, then reach the road

stonework. Continue on this road which crosses the Bois de


Leave the stony road to take the path to

right which passes in front of a forest hut. See you next time

intersection, continue by the path on the right. To the posts

directional "La Montagne", follow direction "Camp

III ”. Go under the power line and continue on the path

which goes up then down to bring you back to the point of


11 km
3h 20m
Forest road of Camp III 74150 Moye
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- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
- Rumilly - Albanian Tourist Office -
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Foothills of Semnoz

A small family walk in the Semnoz mountain, a stone's throw from Annecy. This largely forest hike allows you to discover a panorama of the entire Annecy basin, but also to appreciate the rural atmosphere of Quintal.
Start: Seynod / Chef-Lieu, 750m

Tourist area: Lake Annecy

Course: Reverse direction of the hands of a watch


From the church, take the Chemin de la Grosse Pierre. At the sign "Les Traces", turn left towards "Sainte Catherine". The paved road quickly gives way to a wide path in the middle of meadows. Then the trail rises slowly in mixed forest. Stay on the path indicated by the arrows (pictograms). The forest is gradually thinning. Softwoods are becoming more numerous. They shelter in particular the Black Woodpecker with its particular song.

You arrive on a wide path and join "Ste Catherine 865m".


Follow the path to the left in the direction of Vieugy (Ancien Chef-lieu). At a small crow's feet, turn left to the point of view where you can take a short break facing the Annecy basin, Albanian, Vuache, Jura. On the far left, you can recognize the Dent du Chat.

Then the path descends quite steep, until you reach a wide path. At "La Cure", go down to the right in the direction of Vieugy (former capital) and Quintal by Eaux Vives.

At the Parking de la Forêt Communale de Seynod, continue down your path straight ahead.

At "Vieugy (La Montagne)", take the path on the left towards the church of Quintal by Eaux Vives. The path goes through meadows, then back into the forest.

After a small bridge, you arrive on a tarred path.


At "Eaux Vives", quickly take the small path to the left in the direction of Quintal. You go past the houses, then into the forest. The trail crosses a small stream. Go up to the right until you reach the crossroads "Sous la montagne" and continue uphill towards Quintal. A little further, follow the beacon, and cross the stream again, going to the right. A wide path in the middle of cultivated meadows joins a tarred road. You come to houses. At the end of the mountain path, turn left. Cross the departmental road to arrive on Chemin de Crêt Sale.

At "Croix Ronde", take the road to the left in the direction of "Laudon", "Crêt Sale" following the pictogram, then at the next intersection, go right. Pass in front of the small cross, the basin, and continue on the main right-hand lane. The paved road gives way to a wide path in the middle of meadows. Go down, then leave it by taking a path on the left in the middle of the meadows which goes up. Then, at the top, go right. After 5 minutes, at the power line, turn left. Follow the tarred path. At the top of Chemin du Crêt, always go up towards Semnoz, on the D 241, then turn left to reach the church

8.2 km
2h 35m
Seynod 74600 Annecy
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- Haute-Savoie Departmental Council / Tourism -
- Haute-Savoie Departmental Council / Tourism -
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Balcony of the Semnoz

Beautiful hike allowing access to the mountain pastures at the top of the Semnoz mountain, via its balcony paths. Take pleasure in exploring this emblematic relief, on the upper Savoyard part of the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges massif.
This sporty itinerary offers you the opportunity to climb the Semnoz from Gruffy, near Annecy.

Very popular for the many outdoor activities it allows, it is nicknamed "Montagne des Anneciens".

The climb is mostly in the undergrowth, before reaching the mountain pastures of the summit plateau. Indeed, the pastoral tradition is deeply rooted in the history of the place. Tomme, chevrotin or even reblochon are all Savoyard cheeses produced on site, you will be able to observe the work of local alpine farmers.

From the Chalets de Leschaux, you will be able to go back and forth to the Crêt de Châtillon, the highest point of Semnoz (1702 m) and belvedere on the surrounding peaks equipped with an orientation table.

The itinerary offers many other panoramas, allowing you to discover the Avant pays Savoie, the Bauges, the Bornes, the Aravis, the Mont-Blanc and the Beaufortain.

12 km
6h 15m
Gruffy cemetery, 238 Route de Beauregard 74540 Gruffy
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- Haute-Savoie Departmental Council / Tourism -
- Haute-Savoie Departmental Council / Tourism -
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Sillingy Tower

This loop takes paths between cultivated fields and forests to reach the hamlet of La Combe-de Sillingy as far as the Bornachon orientation table. Many points of view on the Alps and Mont-Blanc are present on the course.

This rather long walk but without particular difficulties, takes you to discover Sillingy and its surrounding hamlets.

Near Annecy, the Tour de Sillingy is a loop with varied atmospheres, allowing you to contemplate the nearby Mandallaz and Montagne d'Age.

From the Church of the capital, you will reach the hamlet of La Combe, located on the hill of Bornachon. Thanks to its slightly overhanging location, the town of Sillingy offers very open views of the Annecy basin, the pre-Alpine massifs and Mont Blanc in the distance. The Bornachon orientation table will allow you to better appreciate this panorama.

In the heart of beautiful rural landscapes, you will walk between the valleys of Vaulx and Sillingy, passing by the Crêt d'Angely. The route also takes you to the foot of the Montagne d'Age, the last link in the Salève before the Gorges du Fier.

Finally, just before your return to the starting point, you will also have the opportunity to discover the natural site of the Puits de l'Homme marshes.

16 km
4h 10m
Entertainment room 74330 Sillingy
- Apidae -
- Apidae -
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The Rift Mirror

With this walk along the Mandallaz mountain, discover the geological site of the Sillingy fault mirror.

Departure: La Balme-de-Sillingy cemetery

Tourist territory: Fier and Usses

1.7 km
Cemetery 74330 La Balme-de-Sillingy
- Apidae -
- Apidae -
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Head of Mandallaz loop

This loop starting at the cemetery of La Balme de Sillingy will allow you to discover the fabulous massif of Mandallaz with its viewpoints over the Annecy basin.

- Departure: Leaving from La Balme de Sillingy, park near the cemetery at the end of the "mountain path".

- Tourist territory: Fier and Usses

- Maximum altitude: 900m

7.5 km
2h 30m
13 route de Choisy 74330 La Balme-de-Sillingy
- Apidae -
- Apidae -