A high-mountain town where visitors and mountaineers come together, Chamonix is ​​undoubtedly “the” site to discover in Haute-Savoie. Mont-Blanc, which rises to 4810 m, is the third most visited natural site in the world. Conquer the roof of Europe!

Take advantage of your stay in Rumilly-Albanais to visit Chamonix, less than 1 hours away.
When you arrive in the valley, you will be captivated!
Enjoy the spectacle of nature around you and explore unusual sites.

Aiguille du Midi - Not in a vacuum

From Chamonix center, reach an altitude of 20 m in 3842 minutes with the Aiguille du Midi cable car. Don't be dizzy ... From there, enjoy the 360 ​​° view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.
For thrill seekers, we recommend “Le Pas dans le vide”: step into a glass cabin with more than 1000 m of space under your feet.

Montenvers - Mer de Glace

If there is an experience to be enjoyed as a family in Chamonix, it is that of boarding the famous red cogwheel train that takes you to 1913 m on the Montenvers site.
On arrival, enjoy your tête-à-tête with the Mer de Glace glacier. You can also visit the Ice Cave and the Glaciorium, a museum space dedicated to glaciology.

The city

The town of Chamonix invites you to stroll with its many shops and windows in the pedestrian streets. Admire the architecture of hotels and palaces from the "belle époque" or even "Art Deco" type facades.
A stop is required on Place Balmat where a statue sits tribute to Horace-Bénédict de Saussure and his guide Jacques Balmat. Both reached the summit of Mont Blanc in 1787.

Our advice: check the weather forecast before planning your day, it would be a shame to see Mont Blanc in the clouds ...
Contact the Compagnie du Mont Blanc to have as much information as possible on the sites, their openings, prices and possible reservations.This will prevent you from any disappointment on D-Day.
Leave early in the morning so that you can fully enjoy your day there.
Finally, take a little wool, because it gets cold quickly at altitude ...

Chamonix in a few dates:
1741: Two Englishmen, Windham and Pococke, discover Chamonix. They explore the valley and visit the Mer de Glace. By publishing the story of their visit throughout Europe, they will create real enthusiasm for Chamonix. This is how tourism was born in Chamonix.
1786: Two Chamonix, Paccard and Balmat, make the first ascent of Mont-Blanc.
1924: Consecration of Chamonix with the First Winter Olympic Games.