Ah, summer and its sometimes stifling heat! But don’t panic, we have found the best spots for you to cool off during your vacation in Rumilly-Albanais. Come on, let’s take you for a ride!

Lake and river side

Canoeing on the Rhône and the Savières canal
Want to be an adventurer? Prolynx Sports offers you a canoe-kayak trip on the Rhône or the Savières canal. On the program: small rapids, beach break for a picnic and a breath of fresh air! And if you're in a sporty mood, why not combine this activity with mountain biking or a bivouac at the campsite?

Canyoning in the Bauges
Do you prefer thrills? Canyoning in the gorges of the Massif des Bauges Regional Natural Park with Hydrogen sport should please you! Walking, climbing and white water swimming will be there to discover the region's rivers while refreshing yourself. Different routes are offered depending on your level and preferences.

Paddle experience at Lake Bourget
Snowboarding fan? Lake Bourget invites you to discover stand-up paddleboarding. Standing, kneeling or sitting, let yourself be carried away by the water and enjoy a 2-hour session in the company of a qualified guide. And for a zen experience, try paddle yoga with Takamaka.

Water hike at Lake Annecy
Finally, for an original and exotic discovery, opt for a water hike at Lake Annecy. Take out your swimsuit and join a small group thanks to Annecy Adventure, set off to discover a piece of coastline. Supervised by a professional, you will explore the fascinating world of the biological diversity of this captivating lake.

With family in Rumilly
Direction the leisure centre for a swim or simply for an impromptu picnic on the banks of the Chéran. We enjoy the freshness of the river!
La swimming pools Rumilly's outdoor area is also very pleasant for spending time with the family, with its green spaces, children's games and a restaurant.

On land, but cool!

Oh yes, we almost forgot... If you want a little bucolic and refreshing stroll, don't miss the Secret Gardens in Vaulx. Between pebble carpets, ponds, fountains and flower gardens, you will definitely feel out of place! This place is perfect for a summer stroll and will bring a welcome freshness during the heat.

It is also well known that the temperature underground is always cooler. What if we sought freshness by venturing to the bottom of a canyon, to Proud Gorge, with the hope of finding a slight refreshing current of air there? This spectacular place and its footbridge fixed on the side of the rock will amaze you!

Heritage visits aren’t bad either!

Make no mistake, we are not suggesting that you sweat profusely while visiting monuments under the blazing sun. On the contrary, you are guaranteed a fresh experience thanks to the thickness of the old walls.

Indeed, did you know that old buildings, such as castles, churches and historic residences, were built with natural materials such as stone, which provide excellent thermal insulation? The thickness of the walls, often greater than that of modern constructions, keeps the interior cool, even when outside temperatures are high.

So, here are some ideas for visits to do without hesitation!

Clermont Castle
With its monumental facade and its beautiful interior gallery, the Clermont castle is a superb example of the Renaissance architecture of the former Duchy of Savoy. And if you want to have fun, know that it offers numerous activities from April to October: fun visits, nighttime visits, medieval camps, shows, investigations, workshops... You will be spoiled for choice!

Montrottier Castle
As to Montrottier castle, it invites you on a journey through time and cultures. Its rooms house a cabinet of curiosities presenting unique collections. A real treat for history lovers! And if you have children, they will be delighted to discover the secrets of the knights and princesses of yesteryear.

The Chartreuse d'Aillon
Finally, if you want to discover the cultural heritage of the Bauges massif and the history of the remains of this ancient monastery, do not miss the Chartreuse d'Aillon. In the heart of the Massif des Bauges Regional Natural Park, this historic site will also offer you a little welcome freshness.

Enjoy your summer and stay cool!