Our nearby Alpine peaks are still dusted with snow, but spring has definitely arrived in the valley. And with it, colors and smells change.

The Albanian, Savoy Mont Blanc, gradually fills with spring colors: yellow, pink, white, red...
The new colors are accompanied by their fragrances which, with each new season, accustom our nose to leave its hibernation to smell these varied scents.
Admittedly, our nose is also sometimes hampered in its exploration by the "joys" of the first allergies!

In any case, we at the Rumilly – Albanian Tourist Office love this season. It also signals the resumption of outdoor activities (or "outdoors" for defenders of the language of Molière). It's time to inflate the tires of your Bicycle et MTB, to dust off the shoes of hike (or to unclog them from the last fall hike 😉), to untangle your rod lines fishing...

To us the paths, the passes, the panoramas, ponds, the forests and our magnificent rivers preserved!

With the arrival of spring, our tourist sites are preparing for the opening. Among our favorite sites near Rumilly, the Secret Gardens (Vaulx), the Lornay Gardens, the castles of Clermont and Montrottier, Proud Gorge, we will soon be spoiled for choice!

It is then time to open up to this lush and abundant nature like the daffodils in March!

We therefore wish you a very pleasant spring and see you soon in (un)known land!