Reporters: Célia and Julie

Meet at Practice & Golf of Montrottier in Lovagny, located just a few meters from two essential sites of the territory: the Proud Gorge and Montrottier castle.

With my colleague Julie, we arrive at 10:30 am and enter the reception area entirely built in wood by local craftsmen. We discover a cozy and warm interior. Eric and his partner Sylviane welcome us, eager to share their passion with us.

We are presented with the necessary equipment to learn golf as well as the movements to be reproduced. Apparently, once the technique has been learned, we can successfully send the ball 160 meters! I doubt it a bit ...

The secret to getting there? Understand the concepts of "grip" (learning to hold your club) and "stance" (positioning of the feet).

A friend of Eric gives us a little demo, it seems so simple! When it comes to our turn, the story is quite different. But little by little, each succeeds in throwing a ball correctly.

You will see, we get caught up in the game very quickly. This convivial moment passes, according to the exclamations, "I succeeded!" "," Look at this one! "," Oops "...

After having had a good time, we settle down on the terrace, from which we have a view of the mini golf and on the surrounding massifs. A small cateringn is served every lunchtime.

We take a slate of cold meats & cheese that we share during the aperitif, then we continue with a salmon steak and a zucchini flan: simple and refined cuisine, made with fresh and local products.

We leave this place with a rested head and a full stomach, and will keep a beautiful memory of this moment spent in Practice & Golf of Montrottier. We will be back for sure! And you, when will you go?