Sometimes peaceful streams, sometimes furious torrents, the Cheran et the proud are inseparable from the Albanian landscape! They shape spectacular gorges conducive to the practice of canoraft, but also peaceful coves popular with fishermen. For a family picnic or a contemplative getaway, we visit the banks with the impression of being an explorer in virgin land: birds, amphibians, dragonflies and other natural treasures are easily observed.

Looking for freshness and serenity? Come on, oust! We go to the water's edge!

Le Chéran à Rumilly
Le Chéran, on the side of the apple trail

To tire your calves a little ...

Le Chéran, labeled " Wild Rivers website », Delights the eyes for the beauty of its environment. It offers the opportunity to stretch your legs as a family thanks to its multiple landscaped routes:

  • The Dipper educational trail : departing from the Rumilly leisure center, the course refers to the dipper, a small sparrow of the streams that we frequently meet on the banks of the Chéran. Prepare to hop from stone to stone: the path crosses 2 fords!
  • The Apple circuit : departing from the Boussy village hall or from the Chéran footbridge at the Rumilly leisure center, the course honors a local variety of small apples, the Croison de Boussy. During 2h30, you evolve around the flowing waters of the Chéran and enjoy a nice panorama on the Bauges summits and the Albanian valleys.
Les Gorges du Fier
  • The Gorges du Fier, in Lovagny: walk the footbridges fixed to the rock and overlook a surprising sea of ​​rocks where the water of the Fier rumbles. Here, millennia after millennia, the river has carved out grandiose natural cavities. The Gorges du Fier also have their legend which takes us back to the time of the counts and beautiful damsels.
  • Chaos of Chéran : very well marked out, the path goes up the Chéran gorges from one bank to the other. For that, you have to cross the spectacular Abyss Bridge ! All in freshness, the walk leads you to the famous chaos, geological curiosity formed by a scree of rocks.

To find some gold flakes ...

To your sieve, shovel and pan! Carried by the torrent, wonderful gold glitter wait to be unearthed in the limpid waters of Fier and Chéran. Can you catch a glimpse of them with their sparkling brilliance? Let yourself be initiated by two mountain guides! For an afternoon, they reveal to you the secrets of gold panning but also the riches of a sensitive natural environment.

To tease pike, trout or carp ...

Lovers of fly fishing : You are in the right place ! In the land of the Fier and the Chéran, you can enjoy 300 kilometers of rivers and streams, but also bodies of water including those of Rumilly. On the lookout above the sparkling water, you clear your mind. However, keep your senses alert! In just a few minutes, you will have to activate the reel with calm and presence!

To live a unique adventure aboard a canoraft ...

Between March and May, when the water is at its best, the limestone gorges of Chéran can be explored in canoraft ! Those of the Fier are navigable all summer. Far from frequented beaches, you move in a wild and unspoiled nature, alternating calm waters and rapid sensations. On board your two-seater boat specially designed for the river, the experience promises to be both sporty and fun. Good mood and guaranteed splash!

Canoraft outing in the Chéran

We wish you beautiful moments, in the cool,
around our rivers!